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About Us

formed in a year of change

At our core are values, old fashioned, now almost lost values based on morals and principles that once led our tiny island of its once free inhabitants to rule this glorious land we call a United Kingdom.

MC- Hub formed in 2018, formed in a year of change, for many this year represents the good and great going back to their roots, ridding their lives of throw away standards, fly by night services and a rip off culture.

MC Hub realised that the Motorcycle Industry needed a service to fill this gap both in person and online, forging partnerships with like-minded businesses in the same industry to provide an all-round, all access motorcycle retail experience.

Whether the rider requires Clothing, Training, Bike Modifications or a New Motorcycle MC-Hub have forged relationships at all costs to ensure this is available to motorcycle riders across the county and in many cases globe.

"Show me Humbleness and I’ll show you the Man"

- stewart holden

Stewart knows no end to his knowledge about the Motorcycle Clothing Industry, he and his exemplary team operate with no great illusions, no self-importance, in complete humbleness to how great their service standards are.

 MC Hub is not here to profess to be the ‘biggest’ ‘highest stocked’ outlet it’s here to provide a service that the bikers say ‘Just How Great We Are’.

Now isn’t that humble…..!